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An an acronym is a short form of a word or a sentence. It might refer to a particular short form to an entire sentence. In this era, there are several words which are used in their short form so know their full form with ITianWorld.

ITianWorld gives you here a complete list of full forms from a to z. All full list is arranged in alphabetical order. To get the knowledge of these full forms, just click on the link of each an acronym.

A to Z Full Forms List

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A Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
AACAdvanced Audio Coding
AJAXAsynchronous JavaScript And XML
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices
APIApplication Programming Interface
ASPActive Server Pages
ATAAdvanced Technology Attachment
ATXAdvanced Technology Extended

B Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
BIOSBasic Input/Output System

C Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
CDCompact Disc
CD-ROMCompact Disc-Read-Only Memory
CD-RWCompact Disc-Rewritable
CMOSComplementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
ComputerCommonly Operated Machine Particularly Used In Technical And Educational Research
CPUCentral Processing Unit
CSSCascading Style Sheets

D Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
DDRDouble Data-Rate
DDR-RAMDouble Data-Rate Random Access Memory
DNSDomain Name Service Or Domain Name Server
DPIDots Per Inch
DVDDigital Versatile Disc
DVDRDigital Video Disc-Recordable
DVD-RAMDigital Video Disc-Random Access Memory
DVD-ROMDigital Video Disc-Read Only Memory
DVDRWDigital Video Disc-Rewritable
DVIDigital Visual Interface

E Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
EMIElectromagnetic Interference

F Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
FATFile Allocation Table
FAT1212-Bit File Allocation Table
FAT1616-Bit File Allocation Table
FAT3232-Bit File Allocation Table
FDDFloppy Disk Drive
FPSFrame Per Second
FTPFile Transfer Protocol

G Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
GOOGLEGlobal Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth
GBps/GbpsGigabytes per second/Gigabits per second
GPRSGeneral Packet Radio System
GSMGlobal System For Mobile Communications
GUIGraphical User Interface

H Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
HDDHard Disk Drive
HDMIHigh Definition Media Interface
HTMLHypertext Markup Language
HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol Over Secure Sockets Layer

I Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
IDE Integrated Development Environment
IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol
I/OInput & Output
IPInternet Protocol
IPCONFIGInternet Protocol Configuration

J Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
JPG/JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group

K Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
KBpsKilo Bytes Per Second

L Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
LANLocal Area Network
LCDLiquid Crystal Display
LEDLight Emitting Diode

M Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
MACMedia Access Control
MANMetropolitan Area Network
MBPSMegaBytes Per Second
MP3Moving Picture Experts Group Layer 3 Audio
MPEGMoving Picture Experts Group
MSCONFIGMicrosoft Configuration

N Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
NetBEUINetworked Basic Input/Output System Extended User Interface
NetBIOSNetworked Basic Input Output System
NTFSNew Technology File System
NTLDRNew Technology Loader

O Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
OMROptical Mark Recognition
OSOperating System

P Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
PCPersonal Computer
PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect
PDFPortable Document Format
PERLPractical Extraction and Reporting Language
PHPHypertext Preprocessor
PNGPortable Network Graphics
POPPost Office Protocol
POP3Post Office Protocol 3
PPPPoint-To-Point Protocol
PPTPPoint-to-Point Tunneling Protocol

Q Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
QR CodeQuick Response Code

R Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
RAMRandom Access Memory
RGBRed Green Blue
ROMRead-Only Memory

S Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
SASSSyntactically Awesome Style Sheets
SDSecure Digital
SMPSSwitch Mode Power Supply
SMTPSimple Mail Transport Protocol
SQLStructured Query Language
SSDSolid State Disk

T Full Forms

AcronymFull Form

U Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
UIUser Interface
USBUniversal Serial Bus
UXUser Experience

V Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
VDUVisible Display Unit
VGAVideo Graphics Array
VPNVirtual Private Network
VRAMVideo Random Access Memory

W Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
WANWide Area Network
WAPWireless Application Protocol
WiFiWireless Fidelity
WLANWireless Local Area Network
WWWWorld Wide Web

X Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
XGAExtended Graphics Array
XMLExtensible Markup Language or Extensible HyperText Markup Language

Y Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
YAHOOYet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle / Yet Another Hierarchy of Officious Oracle

Z Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
ZIP.ZIP File Extension



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Frequently Asked Questions

The full form of ASP is Active Server Pages.

AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices.

ATA is an acronym for Advanced Technology Attachment.

The full form of API is the Application Programming Interface.

The full form of is Asynchronous JavaScript And XML.

BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.

The full form of DVD is Digital Versatile Disc.

DNS is an acronym for Domain Name Service Or Domain Name Server.

The full form of FTP is File Transfer Protocol.

FPS stands for Frame Per Second.

The full form of is GPRS is the General Packet Radio System.

The full form of is IP is Internet Protocol.

The full form of is PDF is Portable Document Format.

Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity.

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