Canon PowerShot Zoom Monocular Telephoto

Canon PowerShot Zoom Monocular Telephoto

Canon PowerShot Zoom a unprecedented Monocular Telephoto camera. It will be accessible at last week of November in United States. Canon PowerShot Zoom has been launched with great feature of 400mm Optical Zoom in US. It has been release after being tested under a crowdfunding project in Japan.

Canon PowerShot Features Enables approx. 2x magnification digital zoom with Switches into focal lengths in the direction, as controlled with the (ZOOM) button.It have also Step Zoom Features - Equivalent to approx. 100mm (optical), equivalent to approx. 400mm (optical) , equivalent to approx 800mm (digital).

Monocular Telephoto have also exclusive Magnification like Equivalent to approx. 100mm with Approx. 1.2x Photo Shooting and Photo Shooting Approx. 1.2x. It have fantabulous Focusing Range of Wide-angle: Approx. 3.28 ft. - Infinity / 1m - Infinity and Telephoto: Approx. 14.76 ft. - Infinity / 4.5m - Infinity.

Canon PowerShot Zoom Price is expected to be $299.99 (roughly Rs. 21,900) in the US and It will be accessible at last week of November. This is a exclusive and unprecedented product, available in suitable price.

Canon PowerShot Zoom Monocular specifications

  • Viewfinder Electronic Viewfinder (Approx. 2.36 million dots)
  • Screen Size 0.39 inch-type.
  • Eyepoint Approx. 22mm (at -1m-1 from eyepiece lens end)
  • Dioptric Adjustment Approx. -3 to +1m-1(dpf).
  • LCD Pixels Approx. 1.04 million dots
  • LCD Coverage Approx. 100%.

Source: ITianWorld

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