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11 November 2020 Posted by Payal 3 Min Read

WhatsApp Payment Feature

WhatsApp Pay

As we know that how much WhatsApp which is a Mobile Application popular in the whole world. It provides various types of features to users and a user can share their status as a story on Facebook. Just a Few times before WhatsApp released a great feature for the user i.e. WhatsApp Pay. These incredible features announced on Friday after about over two years of waiting and it is approval from the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Through this incredible technology, we can easily make a payment.

How to use WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp Pay is working with UPI like other Pay applications. There are the following terms that are used for WhatsApp Pay.

  • First-of-all open the WhatsApp application then click on the <Menu icon.
  • Then click on the Payments option.
  • Click on the "Add payment method" and select your Bank.
  • Thereafter make a UPI and if you have already one then WhatsApp already uses that UPI.

How to send money through contact

This term is easy and fast and there are some following instructions for this-

  • choose any contact and click on the attach icon.
  • After that click on Payments.
  • After that send money through UPI easily.

What if you have already updated your whatsapp and could not find the WhatsApp Pay Option?

In mostly Phones its shows that even after the update, the Payment option doesn't find in WhatsApp. It is a problem with Mobile storage terms. So, that's not a difficult problem there are some following terms which are used to find this Option.

  • Go on the Mobile/Phone Setting option.
  • Click on App Management.
  • Then click on the App list and search WhatsApp.
  • After that click on storage usage and lastly clear the data.

Note: After clear the data you will have to wait for 1 minute only then after one minute Payment option shows in your WhatsApp.

Source: ITianWorld

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