Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

23 October 2020 Posted by Arun 9 Min Read

Key Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

Web designing is a front end work where we design the layout of websites. The Layout of the website is of two types i.e 1) UI(User Interface) and 2) UX (User Experience) where we completely focus on designing a webpage. In User Interface, we work on the attractive look, font-size, visualization, and layout of the webpage. The Designing of a webpage can be done in PSD which is, later on, do by HTML and CSS code so for designing a webpage layout as well as graphics, we firstly use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. We can create the best-optimized layout, graphics using these tools, and placing call-to-action buttons on the webpage so the main work of a web designer is to design the layout, interface which we first see on the website when it opens on the browser.

Web Development is used to work with the backend part which is like storing the data, working with web APIs, integrate payment gateways means providing the functionality to the webpage. The main work of web development is to interact with the back-end part to operate all the functionality of the website.

For Web Design, you have to learn HTML and HTML5, CSS and CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery UI/UX or jQuery Mobile while for Web Development, you can learn any back-end language like Java, PHP, python, ruby, rust, etc.

Web Designing can be done in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Node.js while the development of a webpage can be done by any of the back-end programming languages like PHP, Java, Python, etc.

Web Designing output is that we see when we open any website while the code which is run behind the user interface is web development.

What is Web Designing?

To Transform an idea from your imagination into real visually appealing designing using code like HTML and HTML5, CSS and CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery UI/UX or jQuery Mobile is known as web designing. Web Designing is the best way to design your user interface and provide the best user-experience throughout the website. As an architect plan to built a house the same as a web designer does by Photoshop design ie. PSD which is later developed using Html and CSS code. To provide the behavior of web page we use JavaScript and jQuery is the complete library of JavaScript which exists all in-built functions. jQuery can be used by simply linking a library from jquery.com. To create a responsive website we use Bootstrap. Bootstrap is used to create a mobile-first responsive website that is developed by Twitter that's why it is also known as Twitter Bootstrap. The latest version of Bootstrap is Bootstrap4.

What is Web Development?

The code which runs behind the website to make it dynamic is down through web development. For developing a website worldwide you need to work with the back-end for storing the data into a database, interacting with APIs like Email & SMS APIs, Payment Gateways Integrations, etc.

What are the main roles of a web designer?

The main roles of web designers are as below

  • Design a complete look, layouts & interface using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.
  • Have an excellent knowledge of graphic design to design the logo, images of the website.
  • To design the best user interface as much as possible.
  • Web Designer also thinks about color combinations, font-sizes, visualization for the branding of the website.
  • As a web designer, you have creativity in your mind so that you can design everything you think.
  • For an effective web designing it is mandatory to maintain the user-interface and user-experience both.

What are the main roles of web developer?

The main roles of web developers are as below

  • Creating an interface using HTML, CSS, JavaScript ,and jQuery for a better user-experience.
  • Building the backbone of the website using back-end technologies like Java, PHP, Python, Ruby ,etc.
  • Interacting with the database server to insert, update, delete, fetch the data from the database.
  • Back-end Developers also keep the security of a website using code.
  • Web Developers work with plugins to make a dynamic website.
  • The Submission of form data into database through MySQL.

Comparison Between Web Design and Web Development

Web Design vs Web Development

Web design means working with the look and feel. Web development means working with behind the scene functionalities.
Web designing is a front-end work like user-interface. Web development is an interal architecture work.
For web designing, we use front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Node.js, Boostrap, etc. For web development, we use any of the back-end technology like PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, or others.
Web designing mainly focuses on website graphics, font-size, visualization. Web development mainly focuses on user UI and UX Design.
Web designing can be done using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, DreamWeaver, Sketch, etc. While web development is done through a code of programming.
A web designer always thinks about creative designs, imagination, and innovations for the user-experience. Web developers work with programming logic, technical knowledge thinking ,and experience in coding.
Web design refers to the aesthetic element of a website Web development refers to the building a user-friendly webpage based on the client's specifications and requirements.
Web designer thinks how a website will look and feel by the user. Web Development thinks about how a website will works for the user in a better way.

What is Full Stack Development?

Full Stack Development means working with the entire web stack using front-end and back-end technologies which might be several types of programming languages and technologies. A Full-stack Developer know the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Frameworks, CMS, git, Gulp, Linux for the operating systems. So in short it can say the Full Stack Developers know both languages for front-end and back-end.



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