Top 10 Programming Languages

26 November 2020 Posted by Aman Pachisia 15 Min Read
Top 10 programming languages 2020, Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages

ITianWorld analyse the Top 10 programming languages 2020 for job seekers and developers. These Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages will help you to understand the programming trends.

1. Python

Python Logo

Python is one of the most popular programming language. It is an Open-source and High-Level Programming Language which is ranging from web development to game development. It is also a general Level Purpose, Interactive, Object-Oriented, and Scripting language. Python is an easy to learn language because it's code can be read and understood easily. Python has a large Resource of Library and the facility of Dynamic Type System.

Why Use Python?

Python is an Object-Oriented, Interactive, and general-purpose programming language which also worked as a Scripting Language. It is open-source, so its source code is available on the web. Python provides the feature of dynamic binding and for this, it is used in the field of Rapid Application Development. Due to the clear syntax and readability of the python language, it has become the most popular programming language in the world.

  • It is used for website building, Application Development, and data analysis.
  • It is an interpreted language.
  • The code of Python can be understood easily.
  • Python ranging from Web Application to game development.
  • Python program can be designed in a modular style and in the same way its code can be reused in other types of projects.
  • Not good in Mobile computing.
  • Complicated to access Database.
  • Limitation in speed.
  • It have runtime error.

Future Scope of Python.

  • Great Job Opportunities.
  • Large Number of Frameworks.
  • Its includes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Active and supportive community.

Companies that used Python: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Paytm, Netflix.

2. Java

java Logo

Java is a high-level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems and released in the year 1995. Since Java has a runtime environment (JRE) and API which defines that java also a platform. Java is mainly used for Back-end. It works on class-based objects. Java is a platform Independent Language which is executed by the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) that needs to be compiled into "byte-code" and has the file extension "Java".

Why Use Java?

Java runs on a variety of platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS, and several versions of UNIX. It works with the Object-Oriented method because everything is an object in java. This is a Platform Independent language, unlike other languages C and C++, Java doesn't need to be compiled into a specific machine, rather than into an independent byte code. Byte code is distributed over the web and interpreted by the Virtual Machine (JVM) on whichever platform it is being run on.

  • It has a good GUI (Graphical User Interface) System.
  • It's a dynamic, distributed, and multithreaded language.
  • It's a universal Programming Language.
  • Java has a runtime environment.
  • In Java by interface we can support the functionality of multiple inheritances.
  • Complex code.
  • Performance speed slow.
  • No backup feature.
  • Limitated backward compatibility.

Future Scope of Java.

  • Career opportunities.
  • It is a universal programming language.
  • In the whole world there are about 10 million Java developers.
  • Easy to write and run.
  • This language has a great demand in IT Companies.

Companies that used Java: Uber, Amazon, Google, Pinterest, Netflix, Instagram.

3. JavaScript

javascript Logo

JavaScript is specifically an object-oriented scripting language and its code runs on a browser only. JavaScript (JS) language syntax is pretty similar to the C programming language but naming conventions are similar to Java Programming Language. It is a scripting Language with a plain text code.JavaScript is usually embedded directly into HTML Pages, it supports server-side scripting also, separately known as Livewire.

Why Use JavaScript?

JS is a text-based programming language used both on the Client-side and server-side platform. It is providing validation of the User's Input. JavaScript enhanced Web Pages with dynamic and interactive features, it's run in client software. JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language and utterly dynamic programming language that can use to add interactivity to a website. We can learn JavaScript to make web applications.

  • freely typed language.
  • Used to create interactive content.
  • Add interactivity into a website.
  • Improving the design into web pages.
  • Client edge Technology.
  • Requires a text editor.
  • less Secured.
  • Only Single Inheritance.
  • Low bitwise operation.
  • Compatibility with all browser is not good.

Future Scope of JavaScript.

  • Job opportunities.
  • Great Language for development of web applications.
  • Object-Oriented.
  • Developers can add interactivity in a website.

Companies that used JavaScript: PayPal, Netflix, Groupon, Uber, Facebook, Google, eBay.

4. C/C++

C and C++ Logo

C Language is known as the mother language of all programming languages and in the same way, C++ is the extension of the C programming language. C programming doesn't support the Object-Oriented programming system (OOPS) concept while C++ is an Object-Oriented programming language. C is a general-purpose middle-level programming language and some languages like PHP, MySQL, etc. are written in C programming language.

Why Use C/C++?

  • C Programming Language is used to develop system applications like database systems.
  • C++ is an Object-Oriented Programming Language.
  • C has a rich library with multiple functions.
  • C programming language support modularity.
  • C++ has portability.
  • In C++, templates are also available.
  • c++ support virtual and pure virtual function.
  • multiple declaration of global variables is allowed in C programming language.
  • C language have quality to extend itself.
  • C++ have great execution speed with modern professional libraries.
  • c/c++ uses compiler.
  • c/c++ supports header files.
  • Harder to access libraries.
  • Security issues.
  • Run time type checking is not available.
  • c/c++ only supports header files.
  • Run on compiler.

Future Scope of C/C++.

  • Mother of programming languages.
  • Firstly need of every programming language.
  • OOPS Concept started learning in C++.
  • Great career opportunities.

Companies that used c/c++: ISRO, IBM, TCS, INFOSYS, Wipro, Bosch Engineering.

5. Swift

swift Logo

Swift is a programming language for IOS and developers can develop all types of IOS applications including incredible games with this programming language. It is easy to learn and secure. In swift language, statements don't need to end with semicolons (;). The syntax of swift is Dot-notation, and its code required a specific operating system for executing i.e. MacOs. It is an easy and fast programming language to learn and used to create an iOS Application.

Why Use Swift?

iOS is a famous operating system and the whole world wants to use devices of iOS. SWIFT language is the main language that is used to develop iOS applications and apple still works on it. It is easy to learn and understood programming language. It is a great platform for creating incredible mobile games.

  • No header files.
  • Functions in swift are first class objects.
  • Memory managed automically.
  • Typed collections using generics.
  • Static method.
  • Lack of existent features.
  • AppKit only be used with Objective-C.
  • Source codes are not available.
  • Slower execution speed than Obj-C.
  • Compile only into dynamic frameworks.

Future Scope of Swift

  • Easy to learn programming language.
  • Making iOs Application.
  • Great job opportunities for iOs developers.
  • Apple is still working on it and after that, it'll be a great platform for developers.

Companies that used Swift: Uber, Slack, Robinhood, Lyft, Accenture, ViaVarejo.

6. Go

go Logo

Go is a statically and compiled typed programming language designed by Google. Its domain name is "Golang.Org" So, it's often referred to as Golang but the real name is Go. The syntax is similar to C Programming language but the typing structure and memory safety are different. The filename extension of Go is .go and it will take a little time to compile.

Why Use Go?

Go programming is a growthful language designed by Google. It is a very fast and statical language that is easy to understand because its syntax is similar to C Language. It is a young language and working with many advanced features.

  • Compiled language and fast.
  • Written code is directly translated into formats.
  • It has comprehensive programming tools.
  • No need to used (;)
  • It fasts to compile and run.
  • Generic functions don't support.
  • New Systems programming Language.
  • No objects.
  • Harder to reuse code.
  • There is no GUI Library in it.

Future Scope of Go

  • Future-proofing a system.
  • Easily Development.
  • A growthful youth language.
  • Future Job Opportunity.

Companies that used GO: Google, Uber, Twitch, Dailymotion, SendGrid, Dropbox.


matlab Logo

MATLAB is numerical computing environment and multi-paradigm programming language designed by Mathworks. It is not a case Sensitive Programming language and there is no need for a declaration of variables and data types in MATLAB. It is an abbreviation of Matrix laboratory and uses it for technical computing in 2D and 3D form. It requires the numeric value to computing the programming because of being a super complex calculator.


MATLAB is a mathematically environment-based programming language and the declaration of variables is not important in it. It has great speed for testing the algorithm and most companies required this language. Developers can create many kinds of logic programs by this.

  • Immediately test the algorithms.
  • High Performance language.
  • No Variable type declaration.
  • Super Complex Calculator.
  • No Case Sentitive.
  • Expensive.
  • Slower than C Programming Language.
  • Needs more RAM to process well.
  • Developed for science & Engineer.
  • Numerical environment.

Future Scope of MATLAB

  • Good career opportunities.
  • Develop for engineers.
  • Based on Mathematic/matrix computing environment.
  • Logically programming language for developers.

Companies that used MATLAB: doubleSlash, Diffbot, Broadcom, AMD, Empatica.

8. C#


C# is an Object-Oriented programming language with automatic garbage collection. In C# programming language classes can be defined within classes. The word C# is known as C Sharp. It supports pointer concept like C Programming language but in C Sharp (C#) arrays pointers are not allowed to point to a reference type in other words pointer can only be declared to hold the memory address of value types.

Why Use C#?

C# is known as C Sharp and it is a very simple programming language that is based on .Net frameworks. C# also Object-Oriented programming but there are no header files are required to write a program in this programming language like C++.

  • No need for header files.
  • pointers are optional.
  • More type safe.
  • .Net Framework Library.
  • Object-Oriented.
  • Flexible.
  • Depends on the .Net Framework.
  • Large line of Code for Microsoft Windows environments.
  • It Not contain any default Constructor.
  • Multiple inheritances not supported.

Future Scope of C#

  • Based on .Net Framework.
  • Career Opportunity.
  • based on Object-Oriented like C++.
  • Easy to learn.

Companies that used c#: IndiaNIC, ELEKS, Iflexion, SPEC INDIA, Intellectsoft, Philips.

9. Scala

scala Logo

Scala is both object-oriented and functional programming. It is defined as a High-Level Language. Scala has good IDE Support and it easy to pick up. It can be work along with Java and based on functional programming. Its performance is a little bit slow in a compilation. It supports powerful concurrency through primitives and it is also a statically typed language. This is a popular language and many companies used it.

Why Use Scala?

Scala is an object-oriented programming language which means it also works with Class and object but in the same way it is also functional programming. It is easy to learn and many popular in IT companies. Scala is also used in Apple so on that basis iOS developers can also use this language.

  • Both Object-Oriented and functional.
  • IDE Support.
  • Monkey Patching.
  • Good in data analytics.
  • Support operator overloading.
  • Low Compilation speed.
  • Challenging binary compilation.
  • Less efficient in null safety management.
  • Harder to learn.
  • Backward Compatibility is limited.

Future Scope of Scala

  • Job opportunities in any development.
  • Software developers.
  • Application developers.
  • Mostly Company using Scala like Apple.

Companies that used Scala: LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Netflix, Tumblr, Sony.

10. PHP

php Logo

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor but in other words, it is known as Personal Home Page. It is open-source and free of cost. PHP is both procedural and object-oriented programming language. Personal Home Page (PHP) supports a wide range of databases and it's also portable. It has a wide variety of output styles and it will take a little time to create a large website. A function is a predefined set of commands that are carried out when the function is called in PHP.

Why Use PHP?

PHP is a very popular language for the back-end. It is easy to learn and develop. It has many features and most web pages are work with this programming language.

  • Object-Oriented Programming Language.
  • Open-source programming language(Free of Cost).
  • The is no need of compilation.
  • Faster speed.
  • Compatible with security.
  • Very Simple.
  • Easy to pick up (Open-source).
  • Not compatible for large App.
  • Only for Online Community.
  • Little tricky to debug.

Future Scope of PHP

  • Career Opportunities for Back-end, Mostly Companies required PHP.
  • Easy to learn and develop.
  • Syntax familiarity.

Companies that used Php: Oracle, HCL, Motorola.



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